Holistic Approach

Revenue Generation is never about one thing. It is the culmination of strategic listening, product development, customer insight, marketing prowess, sales skills, extraordinary execution and exceptional customer service. When it’s going wrong, you need to be able to find the glitch, when it’s going right, you need to find the release to go even faster. That’s where Rick Barrera’s expertise and intuition become invaluable.


Rick Barrera started his sales career selling seeds and Christmas cards door to door when he was 12. Then he took on a paper route and doubled the circulation in his neighborhood in less than a year. At 16, he ran a phone room for the newspaper, managing a team of four part-time salespeople, adding thousands of new subscriptions. He knows how to get results.

At Husqvarna USA, Rick worked side by side with the CEO to grow revenues from 29 million to nearly half a billion in a little over a decade.

At AutoCrib, Rick worked with the sales and leadership team to drive revenues at over 20 million per year for seven years.

In his speaking, consulting, and coaching, he works with your team to identify the critical difference that makes the difference to move the needle on your most important metrics.


Rick was born passionate and when he takes on a project, he brings his passion every day. He looks beyond the obvious, passionately pursuing every avenue available to drive success. Rick has even been accused of being more passionate about a company’s potential than some of its leaders. 


Rick Barrera believes in preparation. Whether consulting, speaking or coaching, Rick does his homework to deliver practical, implementable ideas wrapped in an inspirational package to enable your team to execute with confidence.


Rick understands that when things aren’t going your way, it can be difficult to stay the course. That’s when he lends you his commitment until you get yours back. Rick Barrera never gives up.

Straightforward approach

Regardless of industry, Rick has a reputation for a straightforward, plain talking, no BS approach. He calls them as he sees them and never pulls a punch. With Rick, what you see is what you get… Just a smart guy who works hard to identify the right levers to pull, and then gets to work pulling them. Sometimes, there is just no substitute for plain old hard work. 

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