Rick Barrera has a long history of delivering spectacular speeches for global brands and exclusive organizations. Here is what his clients have to say:


Tim Vargo, President & COO, Autozone

“I feel like Rick’s become our partner over the years. He’s been studying our company for four years. There’s nobody that I know that works with us on these presentations that has done the preparation that Rick has done. He knows our culture so well. It seems like he’s the one guy who can take the message we’re trying to deliver and tailor it to our audience.” 


Kim Sharan, former SVP American Express. CEO of Kim Sharan, LLC.

"Rick Barrera does his homework and it shows in his presentations. He engages the audience because he is speaking right to them about things that truly matter. He moves people to take action which should be the goal of any organization that hires a professional presenter." 

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Jim McGarra, OFDA & NOPA

"We actually had Rick Barrera at an OFDA conference last year. Rick was the last speaker of the event. People actually missed their plane to see his entire presentation. Rick does a great job, engages the audience. The Overpromise/Overdeliver is right on the mark.”

“Rick really opened my eyes. He knew more about my business than I did.” - Jason Schulz, Lexus

“You were rated #1... Rick has presented twice for our association. Both times he hit a home run with timely, relevant content as well as being highly energized. We review 40 to 50 speakers a year to find 3 - 5 speakers. He made the cut easily both times.” - National Sporting Goods Association

“The way you tailored your OPOD message to our audience was very impressive and right on target!” - Hallmark Cards

“You took the entire group right to the edge and inspired them to action... they loved you.” - R. Scott Anderson, Thrifty Car Rental

"You really exceeded our expectations and WOWed our audience. Thank you for the research you did to make it personal to us and to reinforce the conference message. It made all the difference!" - Tammra Borrall, Senior Manager for Consultant Programs, Intuit

“In all my years doing this, you were absolutely the very best at knowing your audience. I was so impressed with the time you took to learn about our organization. It was very obvious to our participants that this was not a ‘canned’ presentation, but was designed specifically to meet our needs.” - President, Incentives & Meeting Management, AMEX Financial Advisors

“Never have I seen a speaker who knows his audience more. Unbelievable... I would recommend Rick in a heartbeat.” - Brad Tolstedt, Wells Fargo

“When you hire a keynote speaker who is touted as an expert in ‘Over Delivering,’ that raises the bar on expectations of the speaker. Rick Barrera was all that was advertised and thoroughly connected with our group by personalizing his message to an audience of over 2,100 professionals. He helped elevate our conference as the audience was enlightened, entertained, and motivated to excel in the future.” - Crawford Contractor Connection

“I have sat through dozens of presentations over the past 30 years and Rick was one of the most refreshing and informative presenters I have ever listened to. He gave you a lot of take away to help you improve your business.” - Paul Harris, Notifier

"You were the hit of the show!! The fact that you seemed to have ‘grown up’ in our business gave you instant credibility – and showed just how much preparation went into your presentation." - President, Avid Medical

“You caused us to stop and think about how we could take our world class brand and ratchet it up to the next level!!!” - President and Co-founder, RE/MAX Ontario

“Rick takes the complicated world of branding and makes it easy for everyone to understand.” - Senior Vice President, Tetra Tech

"Rick's presentation exceeded our expectations. His most valuable point was to work on the purpose of their meeting one year out to ensure that the message/theme has impact at each customer Touchpoint." - Amy Castaldi, Convention Industry Council

“...by far the most professional, yet personal, presentation we’ve ever offered our members.” - STAR System

“Rick’s customization of presentation is like nothing I have ever seen before.” - Manager of Corporate Communications, The Davey Tree Expert Company

“The presentation was lively, professional and right on target when you are examining your key customer relationships. Rick glares the spot light on the difference between how you believe the customer experiences things and how your customer ACTUALLY experiences them. A truly engaging and beneficial experience.” - InterContinental Hotels Group

"You really exceeded our expectations and WOWed our audience. Thank you for the research you did to make it personal to us and to reinforce the conference message. It made all the difference!" - Tammra Borrall, Senior Manager for Consultant Programs, Intuit

"Outstanding way of delivering a customized presentation and capturing our Producers!" - Yvonne Garcia, Senior Business Development Consultant, Signator Financial Network

"Rick was on target, knew his audience and kept them engaged the whole time--especially when he hit on realities that were close to home. It's a great speaker who can make an audience look at themselves and start the wheels of change spinning, even when the change would be uncomfortable." - Sandra Carroll, Manager Travel Communications, AAA

“Rick’s presentation is not a generic one size fits all presentation. He customized the presentation to meet our unique retail model and then worked through our workshops to help us get started forming a positive branding message. Rick brings a passion to improving the customer experience by working through the process providing an outsider’s view that challenges what you think you are saying and what you may really be saying to the customer.” - Northwest Company International

"Best of Show" - Bell South

“The preparation you did made all the difference. This was, by far, the best program we have had. Because of the level of customization and specific industry examples you shared, your concepts came alive for our audience!” - National Precast Concrete Association

“Rick WOWed our Private Client Group and stimulated the management teams in attendance into re-examining their Touchpoints and branding of their companies beyond my wildest dreams. We have never had such a flood of compliments...” - CEO, Milestone Risk Management & Insurance Services

“Rick definitely exceeded our expectations. He has an excellent stage presence and ability to keep the audience engaged. Rick did an excellent job weaving our sales culture into the overall presentation which made it very meaningful and relevant to the audience.” - Sales Planning Manager, Sky Financial Group

“Well, he’s right. Let’s Overpromise so that we can raise the bar. And let’s Overdeliver. Because everyone else is just delivering. What we want to do is we want to Overdeliver. So I think his message is one that’s going to resonate throughout this conference.” - Lupe Fraga, Tejas Office Supply

“Professional, dynamic, informative and inspiring!” - HNC

“This was our second conference featuring Rick as our opening keynote and again he did not disappoint. Rick’s unique perspective makes a lasting impact.” - Event Manager, National Association of Professional Employment Organizations

“Your preparation was unparalleled. I had several people ask, ‘How did he know about this or that?’ There was something that struck a chord with every individual in the audience.” - Wolverine World Wide

“You provided a very 'Fast and Furious' way of energizing our team to drive innovation in a commodity based business with low margins." - Sodexho USA

“Rick, it was our pleasure to have you part of our meeting and success! You exceeded our expectations!” - Affiliated Distributors

“Rick got great scores and he was specifically mentioned in the written comments from our business partners. Great presentation!” - Lenovo Pte Ltd., Beijing, China

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