Speaking Topics

What if...

The problems that have plagued mankind for thousands of years were suddenly solved? The entire planet was suddenly thrust into long-term prosperity? Your cost of living suddenly dropped?

Intentional Sales Leadership is the process of proactively driving your sales and revenue generation efforts toward specific objective and financial goals while creating a cadence for your team and keeping them consistently excited and motivated. 

No matter how big your company, no matter what your business, exceptional customer service can be the difference that delivers a competitive edge. This program will teach your customer service employees how to maximize your revenue by treating your customers like the valuable asset they are.

To stand out in a transparent, hyper-competitive, real-time marketplace your offer must be radically different from your competitors, and you have to instantly prove your value to customers.

You must Overpromise and Overdeliver!

To earn your team’s loyalty and passion, you must have a clearly defined, exciting, heart-pumping, euphoria-producing destination. You must shape The Grand Story for your team and show them where each of them fit in the Grand Story, why their talents and passions are unique, and uniquely needed to make the journey possible.

How well does your sales team know your prospects? How well do they research them prior to their first call?  Are they aligning their offers with your customer’s top priorities? 

In this interactive session, Rick Barrera will show you how to make sure that all of these things are happening using his unique Collaborative Selling Methodology.