Consulting vs. Coaching

Many clients ask me about the difference between coaching and consulting. The distinction I make is that in a coaching arrangement the client team does all of the work with guidance from me. In a consulting relationship, I roll up my sleeves and work side by side with you to complete the project. Obviously, the rates are different, but there are bigger questions when deciding between the two:

1.     What skillsets and experience does the team have?
2.     Do they just need guidance or do they need a leader?
3.     Is there a time crunch?
4.     How independent is the team?
5.     Do they have a solid track record of producing results?
6.     What do they hope to learn through the intervention?
7.     Do you want an onsite relationship or will virtual do?

“In my 40+ years of business I have worked with several “consultants”. I can sincerely state that I have never experienced someone like Rick Barrera. My experience with a business consultant has been let me lay out some options. Although Rick certainly can propose options, he has a defining direction that is clearly stated with logical reasoning. I’ve never been given such clear answers or direction like I get from Rick. Rick has a calming, soothing effect that makes working with him a pleasure.”
— Nick Bratton, President, New England Document Systems

Where do you want to take your organization?

Rick Barrera is the Head of Faculty for The Center for Heart Led Leadership in Denver, Colorado. He works with Seal Team Six leaders, mountain climbers, astronauts, extraordinary CEOs and aspiring Heart Led Leaders on what it takes to build high performance teams and exceptional company cultures.

Rick can help you design the organization and culture you want and help you to take your team there quickly. He’ll show you how to clarify and live by company values, craft a compelling vision, write a plan that is truly strategic, build a team of A players, tell your company story internally and externally, identify critical metrics, build team accountability and create a compelling culture. Take your company exactly where you want to go, right now. 

Is Your Sales Team Optimized?

Rick Barrera is the co-author of two best-selling sales books, Non-Manipulative Selling published by Prentice-Hall and Collaborative Selling published by John Wiley and Sons. He has 30 years of in-the-trenches experience training, leading and coaching sales teams to success. He will help you design the right offers, tools, recruiting and coaching, sales methods and systems and processes for your team to achieve dramatically higher growth. Maybe it’s time to get a fresh point-of-view from an independent outsider. 

Are you winning every sale you deserve?

Selling is becoming a lost art. Most companies rely too heavily on marketing and social media to do the job and ignore the consistent sales skills that must be developed and honed to win sales predictably and consistently. Rick Barrera is a master at the sales process and the sales interview. He will take your team to new heights and give them the confidence to go after the biggest opportunities. 

Can you generate revenue on demand?

As the sales leader, your job is to generate consistent revenue gains every quarter. Do you know which levers to pull and in what order to drive revenue consistently higher every quarter? Do you know how to design irresistible offers? Are you driving high levels of recurring revenue? Do you have all the high quality leads you can handle? Can you generate revenue on demand? If not, Rick Barrera can help without bias or judgement. He just helps you find solutions that put cash on your bottom line, fast. 

Is word-of-mouth driving explosive growth?

World class customer service drives revenue growth and the value of your brand. Rick Barrera can show your team how to take your service to world class levels and keep it there. Rick has been studying the elements of extraordinary service and their execution, and coaching companies how to implement them for over 30 years. In fact, Rick was one of the pioneers in the field of customer service. His fresh thinking will change how your team thinks about customers and how they care for your customers in ways you never thought possible. Rick thinks originally and systemically about the service experience and shows you how to think like the best in the world at delighting their customers. If you are ready for a completely different perspective on what service means and how to deliver it

Are you Overpromising AND Overdelivering for your customers?

Rick Barrera is the author of the Wall Street Journal and Business Week Best-Selling book Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences. He thinks differently about what a brand is and how to drive brand execution in the marketplace. He believes that alignment of the brand experience is the biggest driver of your brand and that most organizations are not designed to deliver extraordinary experiences. Let Rick show you how to rethink your brand and your execution to drive sales and profits while building an extraordinary tribe of loyal brand acolytes