Coaching vs. Consulting

Many clients ask me about the difference between coaching and consulting. The distinction I make is that in a coaching arraignment the client team does all of the work with guidance from me. In a consulting relationship, I roll up my sleeves and work side by side with you to complete the project. Obviously, the rates are different, but there are bigger questions when deciding between the two:

1.     What skillsets and experience does the team have?
2.     Do they just need guidance or do they need a leader?
3.     Is there a time crunch?
4.     How independent is the team?
5.     Do they have a solid track record of producing results?
6.     What do they hope to learn through the intervention?
7.     Do you want an onsite relationship or will virtual do?

Executive Leadership Coaching Focuses:

It is a fact of life that we just can’t see ourselves the way others do.

All of us are less effective than we would like to be, but it takes a humble person to admit it, and that is the first step in becoming a better leader. Rick Barrera is Head of Faculty for The Center for Heart Led Leadership in Denver, Colorado. He works with Seal Team Six leaders, mountain climbers, astronauts, extraordinary CEOs and aspiring Heart Led Leaders on what it takes to build high performance teams and exceptional company cultures. You can hire Rick as your personal coach to show you exactly how it is done. Don’t wait another second. Your career is too important.

Is your business growing as fast as it could? Are your resources optimized for growth and profitability?

Do you ever wish that you had someone unbiased to talk to about your business? What would an outsider see that you are just too close to the action to see? In this coaching model, Rick Barrera will come into your business and give you an honest assessment without bias and without judgement. Whatever level of success you’ve achieved with your business already, you’ve done a remarkable job! Now, let’s work together to take it to the next level! Let’s leverage your strengths to grow it even faster. We guarantee we can take your business to the next level and we’ll put our money where our mouth is. Let’s talk today. 

As the author of Overpromise and Overdeliver: How to Design and Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences, Rick Barrera can help you design a company that is in a category of one.

In the Overpromise Checkup we’ll review your current brand promise, Critical TouchPoints, alignment, and competitive situation, conduct a critical issues business analysis and create a high leverage action plan in an intense full-day session.  Focused pre-work makes the session extremely powerful. The Checkup will review:

Your Current Brand Promise
Your Critical TouchPoints and their Alignment
Key Competitor Positioning
Critical Issues Business Analysis
A High Leverage Action Plan with a Schedule for Completion

We guarantee that we’ll get your new Overpromise “surrounded” and we’ll identify your Critical Customer TouchPoints with a powerful plan for aligning them by the end of the session. 

Can you generate revenue at will? If not, you’ll love our Revenue Generation Checkup!

Are you maximizing revenue generation? Do you know what to do next to make that happen? In this coaching model, Rick Barrera will assess your revenue generation models and your sales team’s execution. He’ll determine your sales leadership effectiveness and show you the path to faster revenue generation. He’ll work with you to identify recurring revenue opportunities and potential partnerships for revenue growth and set you on the path to faster, higher revenue generation. 

Do you have the right players? Are they calling on the right prospects? Are they effective in their sales calls? Do they have the right tools?

In this coaching model, Rick Barrera will ride in the field with your team on actual sales calls to determine your team’s effectiveness. He will interview your top players to determine what they are doing that is making the difference. He will review your sales methodology and assess each person’s current skills and their ability to improve. He’ll look at their tools and determine if they are appropriate to the task at hand. He’ll summarize it all in a comprehensive report for leaders with clear action steps for taking your sales team to the next level. Your sales team is your life blood.

What is your vision? What is the fastest way to get there?

Rick Barrera is a serial entrepreneur who loves business and entrepreneurs. He has won and lost and knows how it feels to be in the trenches every day, trying to make your business grow and succeed. He is an expert at strategic and tactical planning and he knows how to get things done. Rick is the co-founder of a website that is reinventing how deals get done. If you want an experienced leader on your team who knows how to build great companies and great cultures, Rick Barrera is your guy. 

The entire landscape of financial services is being transformed. Are you ready?

Rick Barrera is a deep subject matter expert in the area of financial services sales and marketing with over 30 years of experience coaching financial services firms and financial advisors. He is the co-host of The Financial Advisor Show, a weekly podcast for Financial Advisors who want to take their business to the next level. Rick is available for one-on-one coaching or for financial services executives and their firms.

Are you thriving?

Design is creating something on purpose for a particular purpose. In this coaching model, Rick Barrera works with you to design your ideal life, not a fantasy life, but the best possible life for you, given who you are, who you want to become and your particular situation and stage of life. All of us deserve our ideal lives and we deserve to thrive. If you don’t feel like you are maximizing your potential or are just not sure what’s next for you, this coaching model is perfect for you. Call or email Rick for a free consultation to see if this option is for you.

Are you unsure what’s next for you but know you are capable of so much more?

Rick Barrera has always been the guy people go to when they aren’t sure what’s next. He is an extraordinary listener and a non-judgmental life coach. He sees the best in everyone and knows how to skillfully bring it out for the world to see and appreciate. He has been working with the best and brightest for over 30 years and he knows how to bring out your very best you.