Why Barter is Essential to a Rapid Economic Turnaround

Why Barter is Essential to a Rapid Economic Turnaround

Barter is how all economic activity began. Some folks were better hunters and others were better at raising crops, basket weaving or cooking. It all started with trading one good or service for another. That’s why we still call all economic activity “trade.”

Why Now?

The global economy is stuck. The wealthiest 1% of the population owns more than the rest of the world combined. The wealthiest 62 people now earn what the bottom 3.6 billion people share. What’s more, that wealth is not trickling down, it is being sucked up to the wealthy. Their income rose 44% over the past 5 years while the bottom half fell by 41%. (Source: Forbes January 19th, 2016) Clearly, the wealthy are not “investing” in the world economy, rather they are hoarding their wealth. A similar pattern is playing out among Global Corporations. They are sitting on multi-trillion dollar hordes of cash, while failing to invest in jobs and growth except by acquisition.

It is Up to Us!

Assuming you are not in the top 1%, it is up to you and I to change things. Barter is one of the best ways to do that. You don’t need any cash to get started and you can start today. What skills or talent or excess goods do you have that you can barter to get what you need? Are you good at bookkeeping, marketing, website building, cooking or babysitting? Whatever your skill, you have virtual cash sitting in your pocket in the form of skills you can trade. We’ve all got extra stuff sitting around that we can trade for goods or services we would rather have.

We Need to Kick Start the Second Economy

If we can learn to consider barter or other kinds of alternative compensation, such as commissions, success fees, partnerships or equity, we can kick start a “second economy.” If you and I trade services, we are both improving our standard of living. If we each do that with 3-5 others, all of our standards of living will rise even though no cash has changed hands. And isn’t raising your standard of living what the “real economy” is supposed to be about? Who cares how it gets done as long as your life gets better. Yes, cash is easier, but it’s the cash shortage (income shortage or stagnation) that is causing the problem so we need a different way. Do you really care if you pay for your lifestyle with cash or barter?

If we form a partnership or company and get some others to join us working part-time for alternative compensation, we will soon have a company that can deliver real value for cash and we can begin to grow our cash incomes. But it all starts with a willingness to think differently and to be creative in the structuring of our compensation. If we want others to take our services or goods in lieu of cash, we need to be willing to take others services through barter (or alternative compensation) arraignments.

Stick Your Toe in the Water

To get used to doing business this way, you’ll need to start with small deals and most likely part-time or project work that won’t interfere with your “day job” or “gig” if you have one. But as you get more comfortable, you’ll realize that these alternative arraignments can be quite lucrative, and remember that cash can always be part of the deal. We are not anti-cash, just trying to multiply it as best we can.

But, I Can’t Pay My Rent with Barter!

Well, maybe you can. I have a friend who is paying her rent by trading for regular massages. I have traded for brand new treadmills, television and radio commercials, car stereos, marketing, video production, accounting and instructional design, song writing, vacations and even gasoline and car repairs. I have traded consulting with some of the best consultants in the world because we have different but complimentary skills. My partner has traded for food and beverage and space at hotels and restaurants to host parties to launch and support her business. The fact of the matter is that you don’t know what you can trade for until you try.

Try PartnerHere for Free

My partners and I created www.PartnerHere.com to get the party started with all forms of creative compensation with what we hope are the leaders of this new second economy. It is a platform that allows everyone to sell what you have, buy what you want and get what you need for cash or alternative compensation. How creative can you be? How many deals can you make work? How much can you grow your business or improve your lifestyle without any cash at all?

PartnerHere is just $99 per year but you can try it out for free and see what you might be missing. Just go to www.PartnerHere.com and click on free account. Join us. Together we can grow the economic pie for everyone and get things moving!


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